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Yes, the guidance and support offered in the Comfort Box are appropriate at any time after pet loss. Many people use the cards over and over, whenever they need a little help. That’s the beauty of this gift; the coping skills offered inside can be used for a lifetime.

Yes!  We ship every day, Monday through Friday.  All orders received on the weekend ship Monday morning.

We can accommodate requests on a case-by-case basis, depending on the destination. If you want to send a box outside of the US, please email us before placing an order and we can determine shipping costs to your desired destination.

No, at this time, all boxes are shipped to the recipient.

We cannot accept returns on our comfort boxes. Please shop with this in mind.

We ask for the recipient’s phone number at checkout in the event of delivery issues.

Our gift box is suitable for anyone facing the aftermath of pet loss, regardless of the kind of pet.