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Cat and Dog — Biscuit and Bertie

Helping You Process the Pain of Pet Loss

When you lose a furry friend that’s so precious to your life, it hurts. 

The Biscuit & Bertie Comfort Box is a thoughtful way to support grieving pet parents by preserving cherished memories and honoring the unbreakable bond so that you can begin to heal the hurt with guided, compassionate support.


You Care About Someone Who Has Lost a Pet

You want to make their heavy heart feel better and bring hope back to their quiet home and empty laps. But you’re not sure how. Most people who’ve suffered pet loss struggle with:

  • Guilt and shame about how sorrowful they feel
  • Avoiding their grief through distractions or by replacing their loss with a new animal to resolve the emptiness
  • Feeling misunderstood or not validated in their grief

But the grieving process is necessary to make space for happy memories to live on.

Dog Napping Illustration

The Biscuit & Bertie Comfort Box

A transformative experience that helps pet parents grieve their loss, celebrate their pet’s life, and begin to heal.

This supportive pet loss gift contains tools to guide you through a personal and evergreen healing journey from the grief of pet loss. There are thirty cards inside the Comfort Box to offer daily guidance and support that aid pet parents in their own healing journey.

The Comfort Box includes

  • B&B Grief Support Cards that guide grieving pet parents through a healing journey
  • Reflection journal to commemorate and preserve cherished memories and process their feelings and thoughts
  • Remembrance candle to honor the unbreakable bond with their furry friend

Send the most comforting gift for pet loss.

The Biscuit & Bertie Comfort Box helps you to:​

— Heal at your own pace
— Commemorate your pet through guided readings and remembrances
— Feel supported as you process and transform your grief

Because your pet is gone, but not forgotten.

Annie Ballantine with Ruby

Meet Annie

Dog and cat mom, The Comfort Box creator, heart-led entrepreneur, and friend.

I’ve suffered from the deep grief of losing pets and know how painful and lonely the suffering is. But I found joy again.

Now, it’s my purpose to support others suffering from pet loss with a beautiful and limitless way to organically honor and grieve your loss.

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Give the gift of love, like the permission to grieve, support and understanding, wholeness and comfort.

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Beautifully Packaged

Every detail is executed with care in this thoughtfully curated and inspired collection of healing gifts packaged together in one luxurious box.

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Dog Illustration

“His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears”

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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