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Annie Ballantine with Ruby
Annie lives in Minnesota with her husband, her dog Ruby, and three cats: Tango, Houdini, & Mucci.

Meet our Founder

Hello, I’m Annie! Thank you for stopping by. Creating beautiful, heartfelt gifts that take a friend on a memorable journey is my greatest passion. Showing love this way feels important. Offering expressions of kindness and compassion are my thing.

In 2020, I suddenly lost my cat, Bertie. His sudden death was traumatic and crushing. For weeks, I could barely function. My heart was shattered, yet the world seemed to go on without me. It felt like no one understood the significance of his loss or the depths of my pain.

I realized that if I was feeling this way, other grieving pet parents felt the same. Searches for meaningful pet loss gifts that addressed this profound grief came up empty. So, I decided to create the gift that I needed most after Bertie died.

Finally, there’s a gift that you can send to someone who has lost a furry family member, a way to show them you care when it matters most. I think you’ll find that this is the perfect offering of love and support for anyone who has lost a pet.

Your support of my woman-owned, small business means the world to me and makes my heart swell with gratitude.

Thank you!

Annie Ballantine

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French Bulldog Illustration

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

– Queen Elizabeth II

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